How to Mop Floors with Simix and IPC Dual Bucket Mop System

  1. Snap the pad into the mop.
  2. Put 3 gallons of hot water into the clean bucket.
  3. Put 2 gallons of hot water into the rinse bucket.
  4. Put 6 small scoops of Simix into the clean bucket.
  5. Put 1 small scoop of Simix into the rinse bucket.
  6. Use mop to mix cleaner.
  7. Spin to open mop.
  8. Mop the floor.
  9. Step on the mop to fold it up.
  10. Dip the mop head into the rinse water, then squeeze.
  11. Dip the mop head into the clean water, then squeeze.
  12. When you’re done mopping, pour mop water down the drain to keep pipes flowing.

How to Clean Kitchen Floors with Simix and a ​traditional mop bucket

1. Fill mop bucket with hottest water you can use safely.

2. Put Simix in water. In a 3 gallon bucket, use 6 small scoops.

3. Mix Simix powder into water with mop.

4. Mop floors until they are clean.

5. Dump mop water down drain to help keep pipes flowing.

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