Grease Trap Maintenance

Once a week, do regular maintenance on traps.
For high volume traps or if there is a bad smell, do more often.

1. Plug drains in sinks that lead to grease trap. Fill sinks with hottest water available.

2. Sprinkle Simix Cleaner powder into water. Use 1 large scoop for every 8-10 gallons of water.

3. Mix Simix powder into water with large spoon, whisk or paddle.

4. Drain sink farthest from trap. Wait 5 minutes. Drain the next. Go back to step 1 and repeat until you have filled & drained 4 sinks full of hot water.​​​

Video: How to Use Simix Multi-Surface Kitchen Degreaser for Grease Trap Maintenance

How to use Simix Multi-Surface Kitchen Degreaser to keep grease trap flowing

Simix Multi-Surface Kitchen Degreaser is the easiest, most inexpensive way to maintain your grease trap. No more cleanouts, no more snaking, no more hydrojetting. ​

Simix cleans grease traps and greasy pans

Amber is in charge of the kitchen and dining room at a senior home. We stopped by after she’d been using Simix on her grease trap for six weeks, and she says it’s made a huge difference. She hasn’t had to call for a grease trap cleanout, and the odor has been significantly reduced. ​

Simix makes it easy to keep grease traps flowing

Does the smell from your grease trap invade your whole restaurant? Is cleaning a nightmare? Are you sick of paying for hydrojetting? Simix can keep your grease trap flowing at a fraction of your usual costs.