Never Strip Again | Never Burnish Again

  • Reduce slip and fall
  • Easy to apply
  • Water-based
  • No VOCs
  • No odor
  • Less expensive than floor finish


Never Strip Your Floors Again

Simix High Shine Ceramic Floor Coating is a permanent coating that will never crack, chip, yellow or peel. You do not need to strip Simix. When you eliminate stripping, you eliminate a costly, time-consuming process that interrupts normal operations. Simix eliminates additional costs associated with disposal of stripping solution

Never Burnish Your Floors Again

Simix eliminates daily or even weekly burnishing, saving you time and money. When you eliminate burnishing, you also eliminate dusting, which saves even more time and money.

Simix Makes Floors Less Slippery

Simix High Shine Ceramic Floor Coating is rated as high traction by ANSI standard “Dynamic Coefficient of Friction” (DCOF) testing using a tribometer on a wet surface. Floors with higher DCOF ratings (above .42) are safer for customers, employees, students, patients and staff.

Simix Ceramic Coatings and Cleaner Fight Bacteria and Viruses

Simix Ceramic Coatings and Cleaner fight viruses (including coronaviruses) in three ways.

First, Simix Coatings and Cleaner maintain a permanent, safe, high pH that is hostile to viral and microbial growth.

Second, Simix Coatings and Cleaner contain Spot-On technology – titanium dioxide that works with UV and indoor lighting to constantly sanitize the surface.

​Third, Simix Cleaners contain hydrogen peroxide, which inactivates viruses.

Floors Coated and Cleaned with Simix Stay Cleaner Longer

​Floors coated and cleaned with Simix stay cleaner longer than floors with regular acrylic coatings. Cleaning less often means you save time and money. In grocery, retail and restaurant locations, cleaner floors are proven to increase sales and return visits.

It's easy to transition floors to Simix High Shine Ceramic Coating

  • Step 1: Strip thoroughly with stripping solution and Simix.
  • Step 2: Rinse with 220 grit diamond pads, 800 grit diamond pads, and red pads.
  • Step 3: Apply 4 coats.
  • Step 4: Autoscrub with the 800 the next day.
  • Step 5: Apply 4 more coats.
  • Step 6: Wet polish with a 3000 diamond.
Surface preparation is the key to a successful transition. You have to completely rid the surface of acrylic floor finish and residue before coating.

VCT Tiles

Your VCT floors will be easier to clean and maintain, saving you time and money. With Simix High Shine Ceramic Floor Coating and Simix Multi-Surface Cleaner / Degreaser / Sanitizer, you never strip or burnish again. You’ll cut slip and fall rates.

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