Simix was founded to save lives while saving you time and money.

Simix Surface Solutions traces its roots back to 1997, when CEO Jeff Stanich was in Budapest on behalf of a medical device company that he co-founded. He started asking questions about the pastel-colored paint he saw on many of the public buildings. He was told it was a silica-based paint which had lasted for more than a hundred years — except where flood waters had soaked into the walls for weeks, washing the color away.

He soon learned that hundred-year-old pipes below European streets were also coated with silicates — but these pipes could withstand long-term exposure to water, because the silicate coating had been baked on.

​That led him to wonder whether there was a way to create a silicate-based coating that could cure at ambient (room) temperature.

Simix founder and CEO Jeff Stanich

This curiosity led him to form another company in late 1998 with the former head of coating research at NASA; that scientist had directed the team that created the coatings for the Space Shuttle. Six years later, after failing to achieve his goal, he left that company and teamed up with a scientist from Sweden. Together, they developed a potassium silicate-based formulation with nanoparticles of titanium dioxide that forces visible and microscopic water out as it cures, creating the world’s first-ever silicate-based coating to fully cure at ambient temperatures without the need for baking.

Today, Simix Surface Solutions is all about sustainable, eco-friendly cleaners and coatings that save you time and money. Whether you manage a single location or multiple locations, we have solutions for floors, bathrooms, parking lots, loading docks, and rooftops of all types.

  • Simix High Shine Ceramic Floor Coating costs less to apply than traditional acrylic floor coatings, and will significantly lower ongoing floor maintenance costs.
  • Simix A/C Ceramic Coating will significantly reduce your air conditioning costs.
  • Simix Multi-Surface Cleaner / Degreaser / Sanitizer is a cleaner that can be used on virtually any interior or exterior surface.